Projects Approved in the Year 2009



U.S. Company                                                              IS Company


CommScope, Inc. of   North Carolina (TX)                       CellEra Technologies Ltd.

GE Global Research (NY)                                             Desalitech




eGtran,Inc.(CA)                                                            MultiPhy Ltd.


NeoPhotonicsCorporation (CA)                                      RAD Data Communications




DCG Systems, Inc.(CA)                                                Nanonics 

Tyco Telecommunications (US) Inc. (NJ)                        RED-C Optical Networks

InFocus (OR)                                                               Wisair  Ltd.




Life Sciences /Medical Devices                                 

Magnetecs Corporation (CA)                                         Given Imaging

ZyvexLabs LLC (TX)                                                      Rainbow Medical Ltd.

Agilent Technologies (CA)                                             Sensible Medical Innovation Ltd.





MicroCoal, Inc. (CO)                                                     Bateman Advanced Technologies Ltd.

Thixomat, Inc. (MI)                                                        Dead Sea Magnesium




Software /Education                                                  

McGraw-Hill HigherCompanies, Inc. (IL)                          Tegrity Ltd.

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