Projects Approved in the Year 2008


U.S. Company                                                        IS Company




Qteros (formerly SunEthanol) (MA)                              Applied Cleantech


BP Solar International (MD)                                        SolarEdge



Nextlink Wireless (VA)                                               Airspan


BridgeWave Communications (CA)                              MTI Wireless Edge


  ExceLight Communications (NC)                                Xtellus




General Motors Corporation R&D (GM), (MI)                ActySafe (RDC)


InterSense (MA)                                                        BVR


Applied Nanotech (TX)                                                NanoReady


Danaher Motion Dover (Kollmorgen) (MA)                     XJet




Intematix Corporation (CA)                                         Oree


GE Global Research (NY)                                          Power Paper


Rohm and Haas Company (PA)                                  TransBiodiesel



Life Sciences                                                   

IBA Molecular North America (VA)                              Aposense


Allied Orthotics & Prosthetics (NJ)                              Argo Medical Technologies


University of Maryland, School of Medicine (MD)          Atox Bio


Pfizer, Inc. (NY)                                                         Exalenz


Synergy Research (NJ)                                              Intec Pharma


Sandhill Scientific (CO)                                              KarmelSonix


GE Healthcare (WI)                                                   MediGuide


Texas Instruments (TX)                                              ProIV


Calando Pharmaceuticals (CA)                                   Synthatex





USA Hockey (CO)                                                     ACE


Freedom Scientific, (FL)                                             Ginger Software


Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, (CA)                              MediViz Systems (Israel) 


PricewaterhouseCoopers (NY)                                    Vanadium

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