Projects Approved in the Year 2007


U.S. Company                                                        IS Company


Donaldson Company (MN)                                        Zephyr ProteomiX

E.D. Bullard Company (KY)                                      Opgal

Orfuel (WA)                                                             Evogene


Bird Technologies Group (OH)                                   Cellular Systems International

Camiant Corporation (MA)                                         BigBand Networks

Conducive Technology (OR)                                      MobiMate

Conexant Systems (CA)                                           Exatel Visual Systems

Fulcrum IT Services (VA)                                          SoftExpress

Life Alert Emergency Response (CA)                         OzVision

Molex - Fiber Optics Division (IL)                               Color-Chip

Sierra Monolithics (SMI) (CA)                                    Optium Israel

Time Domain Corporation (AL)                                   AeroScout


Amphenol TCS (NH)                                                 Xloom Communications

Cincinnati Machine (KY)                                           OMAT

Fairchild Semiconductors International (ME)               Paragon Communications

Ricavision International (CA)                                      Winbond Israel

Sensics (MD)                                                          Vertech Technologies

Homeland Security                                             

General Dynamics Armament & Technical
Products (NC)                                                          Camero-Tech

Herley Industries,
Innovative Concepts Division (VA)                              Paragon Communications

U.S. Company                                                         Axxana

Vicon Industries (NY)                                               AgentVI

Life Sciences                                                        

20/20 GeneSystems (MD)                                        ImmunArray

Apical Instruments (CA)                                            UC Care

Applied Analytics (MA)                                             Medical Spectroscopy

B.Braun Medical (PA)                                               Vascular Technologies

DPT Laboratories (TX)                                               Lovaderm

Edwards Lifesciences (CA)                                       Aran Research Development & Prototypes

Sirogenesis (MD)                                                     Biotechnology General

VBDC - Virginia Biosciences Development Center
(VBDC) (VA)                                                            R&D Supports

Virginia Biosciences Development Center
(VBDC) (VA)                                                            BioCancell Therapeutics

Warner Chilcott (US) (NJ)                                         Foamix


SeaChange International (MA)                                   Nebo Media

Texas Instruments (TX)                                             Human Monitoring


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