Fiscal & Technical Seminar & Handouts

The purpose of the fiscal and technical reports is to enable the BIRD Foundation to monitor project progress, actual expenditures on the project and to assist in decisions relating to the continued funding of the project.

Representatives from companies whose projects have been approved for BIRD funding must attend the Fiscal and Technical Reporting Seminar, directed by Dr. Ron Maron (Senior Director of Businesss Development) and Ms. Natalie Galperin (CFO).

The seminar will provide an introduction to the projects’ Primary BIRD Contact (PBC) and present guidelines for the required reporting and provide explanations to questions raised.

BIRD Contacts - Business Cards


Fiscal Reporting Documents


Fiscal Reporting Presentation

Fiscal Report to BIRD

Textual Explanation to Fiscal Report 


Commercialization Report


Technical Reporting Documents

Technical Reporting Presentation

Technical Report to BIRD

Final Technical Report to BIRD- Part II 5 worksheets


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