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  Dr. Eitan Yudilevich
Executive Director


The BIRD Foundation – Innovation and Partnering 

According to a recent OECD innovation report*, a substantial part of productivity growth can be attributed to innovation. Access to the Internet by billions of people around the world enables knowledge diffusion and the creation of previously unimaginable markets for new products and services.

There is a global realization that innovation, specifically technological innovation, is the main engine for economic growth. This poses new challenges for the incumbents, those countries and societies who have invested in their technology and innovation for decades in order to attain their relative leadership positions. Such is the case for Israel, praised and even admired for its achievements in innovation and technology. Even the U.S., though still ranked at the very top in science and technology, is undergoing global competitive stress. American companies and sectors are feeling the pressure and are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead.

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 BIRD and BIRD Energy Celebrate 2015 Project Approvals

BIRD celebrated its seventh annual BIRD Energy funding cycle on October 21, 2015 at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C. with remarks from both U.S. Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz and Israeli Minister of Energy, Dr. Yuval Steinitz. Secretary Moniz praised the BIRD program (see video with Secretary Moniz) and the collaborations which BIRD has supported. See more information about the four projects that were approved in this cycle. The next BIRD Energy Call for Proposals Deadline is June 29, 2016. See Call for Proposals for additional details.


BIRD celebrated the selection of ten new projects at the residence of U.S. Ambassador Dan Shapiro on December 16, 2015. The reception followed BIRD’s semi-annual Board of Governor’s meeting where ten new projects between U.S. and Israeli companies were approved.
See Press Release to learn which projects were approved.



 BIRD Announces THREE Calls for Proposals

BIRD’s next general cycle including all technology sectors will include the followiong dates:
Executive Summaries: September 2016; Full Proposals: October 2016; Decisions: December 2016 (exact dates to be announced). See projects approved from the last year, 2015.

BIRD NextGen First Responder Technologies: A new program for U.S-Israel joint development of advanced technologies for First Responders was announced on December 9, 2015. See press release. Funding is up to 50% of the combined R&D budget, maximum grant, $1M. BIRD accepted Executive Summaries for joint proposals on March 9, 2016. Funding for this program comes from an agreement between the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Israel Ministry of Public Security (MOPS). One of the two project partners can be a university or research institution.  This program seeks innovations in areas such as Command, Control and Coordination, Communications, Data Analysis, Explosive & Hazards Detection, Protective Clothing, Sensors, Simulation & Training, Situational Awareness, Wearable Technologies and others. For details see BIRD FR CALL FOR PROPOSALS.
The dates for the next cycle will be announced in June 2016. Check on BIRD’s website for final submission dates.


Deadlines for the next BIRD Energy cycle:

Executive Summaries
- June 29, 2016 
Final Proposals - August 11, 2016
Decisions -  October 24 2016


BIRD Energy: This will be the eight annual BIRD Energy cycle. See projects approved from the 2015 cycle. BIRD Energy is a program funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources. Funding is up to 50% of the combined R&D budget, maximum grant, $1M and projects can include a university or research institution. The program seeks innovation in areas such as: Solar Power, Alternative Fuels, Advanced Vehicle Technologies, Smart Grid, Water-Energy Nexus, Wind Energy or any other Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency technology. See Call for Proposals for additional details.


 Spotlight on BIRD Project:  Senecio and Dynamic Aviation- Mosquito SIT


The recently approved (June, 2015) BIRD project between Senecio (Haifa, Israel) and Dynamic Aviation (Bridgewater, VA) has been in the news demonstrating how the companies are working to effectively address the growing threat of the Zika Vírus. Watch video clip or read more here. 

  Using new advanced technology to release millions of genetically modified, sterile male mosquitoes into targeted areas, this BIRD project is developing technology to decrease the mosquito population and improve public health.


 BIRD Seminars and Events

BIRD Seminars start 2016 in Michigan, Rhode Island, Georgia and Pennsylvania

BIRD continues to promote its programs by hosting BIRD Seminars in various cities across the country. BIRD Seminars offer a focused opportunity for local businesses and organizations to learn about BIRD, find out what projects are eligible for funding and hear, firsthand, from BIRD grantees about their projects, experiences and best practices for collaborating with partners in Israel. Recent BIRD Seminars this year have included: Ann Arbor, MI, hosted by the Michigan-Israel Business Bridge featuring Michigan-based Whirlpool Corporation who presented their project with Hanita Coatings; Newport, RI, hosted by the Newport Chamber of Commerce and Avi Nevel of Nevel International, featuring Rhode Island company, Crawford Composites - project with Softwheel; and three BIRD Seminars featuring Dr. Eitan Yudilevich, Executive Director, BIRD Foundation, one in Atlanta, GA hosted by Conexx and two in Pennsylvania (Philadelphia and King of Prussia – hosted by the PICC).

If you would like to host a BIRD Seminar in your local region, please contact Andrea Yonah for East Coast/Midwest locations or Maya Vardi-Shoshani, West Coast locations.


  From BIRD Seminar in Ann Arbor, MI:
Pictured from left to right:
Pam Lippitt, Executive Director, MIBB;
Joseph Ben-Gal, iRule; John Patry, UIS Holdings; Andrea Yonah, BIRD Foundation;
Paul Allard, Whirlpool USA;
Daniel Blumenthal, Israel Economic Mission to the Midwest.

BIRD Visits Big Sky Country

According to Andy David, Israeli Consul General to the Pacific Northwest, “It doesn’t make sense for Israel to send oranges to Montana. But it takes just a click of a computer to deliver ideas.” The Israeli Consul General to the Pacific Northwest, Economic Consul to the West Coast, Gili Ovadia and BIRD’s West Coast Rep. Maya Vardi Shoshani enjoyed a warm reception from ‪Montana business leaders and found much room for cooperation between two small states with an over-sized passion for knowledge and innovation. Click to read more on their visit from this local Missoula newspaper article.


BIRD West Coast Representative, Maya Vardi-Shoshani, is made an honorary citizen of The City of Bozeman, Montana by the Mayor!

Event to Promote BIRD NextGen First Responders Held in Newark, NJ

Over one hundred companies and first responders attended the event, Opportunities for U.S.-Israel Technology Partnerships for Advancing Innovation for First Responders, which was held on February 8 in Newark, NJ at The New Jersey Institute of Technology. The half day event was organized by BIRD together with the New Jersey Innovation Institute and the Israeli Economic Mission in New York, with the participation of the U.S Department of Homeland Security and sponsorship of Bank Leumi USA. Some of the participating U.S. companies included Sharp Electronics, Fujitsu Network Communications, and PMC Associates and Israeli companies Verint Systems, Cellebrite, Beeper Communications,  Mer Group and many others.


FR-Event Newark:
From Left To Right:
Robert Katz, Moderator,
Joshua E. Phillips, Verint Systems,
Jeff Hayes, Cellebrite,
David Gross, Global Wireless,
David Lewis, Sharp Electronics)

BIRD Participates in ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit in Washington D.C.

BIRD participated as a Technology Development Partner in ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit (Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy) the beginning of March in Washington, D.C. BIRD Executive Director, Eitan Yudilevich, together with BIRD Energy Director, Limor Nakar-Vincent and U.S. Representative, Andrea Yonah, interacted with many innovative large and small companies and research institutions and highlighted the opportunities for partnering with companies and researchers in Israel to jointly develop technologies relating to alternative and renewable energy. Pointing to the BIRD Foundation logo is BIRD Executive Director Eitan Yudilevich with BIRD Energy U.S. counterpart, Robert Sandoli, Director of International Cooperation at the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The next BIRD Energy deadline is June 26th, 2016.
See Call for Proposals for additional details.


BIRD Publishes RFI to Assess U.S.-Israel Collaboration on Natural Gas Technologies

The BIRD Foundation published a REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI) to assess the potential of U.S.-Israel collaboration on innovative Natural Gas (NG) technologies. Companies, research institutions and academia involved in the fields of Reservoir Characterization, Big Data Management, Imaging, Physical Security, Robotics, Sensors, Visualization, Water Treatment and others were invited to respond to the RFI. Click for more details.

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